Finney3 Bitcoin ATM

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  • 21″ LCD Touchscreen
  • MEI 600 Note Bill Validator
  • Barcode scanner
  • EMV card reader
  • High definition camera
  • Audit locks optional
  • White-label comes standard
  • 23.6″ wide, 7.8″ deep, 24.4″ tall
  • Weight: 84.4 lbs
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Introducing the Finney3, the newest addition to our Bitcoin ATM line-up, named in honor of Hal Finney for his early contributions towards bootstrapping.

Finney3 cryptocurrency ATM machine can boost your bitcoin. We offer Finney3 for sale at an affordable price with features, from a 21″ LCD touchscreen to an advanced barcode scanner.

Lead time: 7 days

Cryptocurrency ATM machine Finney3 that boosts your crypto-friendliness

If you want your company to stand out from the competition, you should understand your clients’ needs and keep up with modern tendencies such as cryptocurrency trading. Crypto ATMs have already cropped up in various public places aimed at attracting new customers and helping them deal with work-related issues. And if you aren’t going to take a back seat, it’s worth considering one of the most high-tech ATMs, Finney Three. It will help move your business to a completely different level.

Get innovative yet cheap ATM Finney3

At Coin ATM Shop, we believe an ATM shouldn’t be expensive to possess, even though its high-end features may seem costly. Therefore, we offer Finney3 for sale at an affordable price.

When you invest in this machine, you’re going for a range of features, from a 21″ LCD touchscreen to an advanced barcode scanner. For this price, it’s jam-packed with the characteristics you won’t get with other ATMs.

Purchase Finney3 ATM to increase your revenue

The modern market is extremely competitive, and you should meet your customers’ requirements to make them stay with you in the long run. To help you, we do our best to remain in the ranks of the top-notch cryptocurrency ATM distributors globally. With Coin ATM Shop, you can expect fast ROI, 24/7 customer support, and convenient delivery terms after buying Finney3.

It will take about a week to execute your order for Finney3. Don’t wait any longer to get a machine that can boost customer flow to your facility. Buy Finney3 Bitcoin ATM machine online.


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2 reviews for Finney3 Bitcoin ATM

  1. Farran

    Juzt one payment option, It took me a long time to figure it all out. My suggestion, maybe a direct bank transfer will do. Great service though.

  2. Bj

    Nah, you can suggest a payment method which is more suitable for you. Just write to the support either on whatsapp or directly. I paid via Venmo

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